L4D单机扮僵尸的方法 试过可以玩

之前搜了一下没有发现方法.. 说不定就没火星呢 发个帖先

1.开个服务器 选带_VS_的图 changelevel xxxx_vs_xxxxx    输入sb_all_bot_team 0 (可能不要..)

2.选僵尸   顺便说下 有一个服务器指令很有用 mp_switchteams 互换队伍重新开始 (可是我试了没用..)

3.这个时候电脑会死在safe room里不出来 即使打了director_force_versus_start (说明是即使全在安全屋里僵尸也能复活) 也没用



I figured i would post this here for you L4D 411ers

I found a way to play versus in Single player basically.

WARNING:This is very buggy and may not work all that well.

Start up Left 4 Dead and open the console and load a map (example map L4D_vs_hospital05_rooftop) When it load you will be an infected and there will be 4 bot survivors. They will not leave the safe room at all even using Director_force_versus_start 1 and you wont be able to spawn.

To fix this problem spawn as a tank and break open the safe room door to do that just type z_spawn tank kill yourself after kind unfair for them to get beat down by a tank lolz.

Now things will start but be warned your by yourself to fix this type z_spawn NAME and you’ll spawn as that one do it again and there will be an AI one.

Like i said though its kind of buggy and when all the survivors are dead the game doesn’t end or do anything for that matter.

输入z_spawn tank 自己变成tank.. 然后把安全门….砸掉…
再z_spawn 后面不跟名字 变成小boss 就可以玩了
自杀指令是kill 有时会用到

5.局域网联机也可以全选僵尸打电脑 方法是用那个服务器端开 进游戏先rcon_password [服务器的RCON密码]  就可以按照1234来了

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